Review: The Nazis vs. a Praying Family

The Corrie ten Boom Story is the newest addition to the Torchlighters® series. For those who may be unfamiliar, The Torchlighters® series is a series of short animated movies that introduces young viewers to men and women from Christian history. These movies are great for families to introduce many figures from Christian history to their children in a way that is fun for the kids.

The Corrie ten Boom Story drops the viewer into the middle of World War II and does a good job of showing how Nazi Germany truly despised others. One soldier makes a statement that shows the hatred when he says that “you have to get rid of the bad to salvage the good.” This is exactly what the Nazis thought they where doing by slaughtering so many Jews, and this is where the story takes us. We get introduced to the ten Boom family and get to see how God used this family and their watch repair shop to help so many people. The ten Boom family begins to help these Jewish people because they find out that “the rumor is they are being rounded up and….exterminated.” Their reasoning is stated very clearly: “The Good Shepherd gave His life for His sheep. Can we do anything less for God’s chosen people?” So, the ten Booms used code words to bring Jews who needed protection into their “hiding place,” referring to needy people as “watches.”

The story continues to follow Corrie and her family as they are found out by Nazi soldiers and thrown into a camp. Corrie and her sister show amazing courage throughout this time, even when they deal with doubt. Corrie prays a prayer at one point saying: “We have done what we thought was your will. Help me to trust that you have not forgotten me.” What a wonderful prayer for young minds to hear in a video as they watch the one praying that pray suffer in a concentration camp. So many details from the life of Corrie ten Boom made it into this short (30 minute) video. The video ends with Corrie being released and immediately going back to help everyone that she can and traveling around to tell her story.

This is one of the more difficult stories to tell to younger children simply because it is so full of hate and death, but I feel that there is a good balance and presentation in this movie. The recommended age range is 8-12 and I think this is a good age to be able to have healthy conversations with kids about man’s depravity and the evil that exists in our hearts. It also shows that God can use any situation to get glory and use it for the good of His children.

I would highly recommend this video to any Christian parent looking for ways to introduce their children to men and women in Christian history.

I received a free copy of this DVD from Vision Video in exchange for an honest review.

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