Torchlighters Milestone Prompts New Website

screenshot of torchlighters

Snapshot of the new Torchlighter web site.

Thanks to our loyal audience, Torchlighters is celebrating over 100,000 Torchlighters DVDs in homes, churches, and schools throughout the United States, with untold thousands in other parts of the world! We rejoice that many thousands of children have found faith heroes they can depend on!

As you can see, in celebration of this important milestone, CHI has re-designed this website. Browse through our inviting new site for many free resources for kids, parents, and teachers, along with the latest news on Torchlighters! We will continue to enhance the site with exciting new features in months to come.

Looking ahead, CHI is planning a Fall release of The Amy Carmichael Story. Amy’s miraculous work to free the temple girls of India will be featured. Also under production is the story of William Booth and the beginnings of the Salvation Army.

Visit often for current information on future releases.

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