Update on Amy Carmichael Torchlighters Documentary

Amy's Nurse

Amy's nurse prepares to speak on camera

The film crew for the Amy Carmichael documentary recently finished filiming in Ireland and England! We were thrilled to visit many locations from Amy’s life story and to interview the nurse who cared for Amy near the end of her life. Here we see a shot of the interview with Amy’s nurse, Nancy Robbins. Nancy’s firsthand account brings a wonderful dimension to this documentary. The footage from Ireland and England will combine with other material direct from India to create an informative and moving presentation that we trust will be worthy of Amy Carmichael’s inspiring work.

Amy Carmichael Animation is Complete

Preena attempts an Escape.
Torchlighters is pleased to announce that the animation for Amy Carmichael is now completed and undergoing some fine-tuning. The colorful Indian scenes and moving story of Preena and her life-changing encounter with Amy is sure to become a Torchlighter favorite. The episode features both UK and Indian voice over actors.

Work also continues on other aspects of the production, including the Leader and Student Guides and the Original Documentary. We are working towards a Fall release of this much-anticipated Torchlighter!

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