Amy Carmichael Leader and Student Guides are Posted

Amy Carmichael leader guide.

Planning to teach a series on Amy Carmichael, the latest Torchlighter?  The study guides for this newest episode are ready and posted on   You can download them for free and begin planning today!  You’ll find the same quality features you’ve come to expect in all Torchlighters study guides:  Four distinct lesson plans, teaching activities, crafts, games, discussion questions, worksheets, and top-quality historical information on Amy’s life and ministry.  As always, this material is free and reproducible for your convenience.   If you are planning a showing or event, make use of our convenient downloadable posters for easy publicity.

We are now taking orders for the DVD, which will begin shipping on October 11!

Torchlighters Milestone Prompts New Website

screenshot of torchlighters

Snapshot of the new Torchlighter web site.

Thanks to our loyal audience, Torchlighters is celebrating over 100,000 Torchlighters DVDs in homes, churches, and schools throughout the United States, with untold thousands in other parts of the world! We rejoice that many thousands of children have found faith heroes they can depend on!

As you can see, in celebration of this important milestone, CHI has re-designed this website. Browse through our inviting new site for many free resources for kids, parents, and teachers, along with the latest news on Torchlighters! We will continue to enhance the site with exciting new features in months to come.

Looking ahead, CHI is planning a Fall release of The Amy Carmichael Story. Amy’s miraculous work to free the temple girls of India will be featured. Also under production is the story of William Booth and the beginnings of the Salvation Army.

Visit often for current information on future releases.

Update on Amy Carmichael Torchlighters Documentary

Amy's Nurse

Amy's nurse prepares to speak on camera

The film crew for the Amy Carmichael documentary recently finished filiming in Ireland and England! We were thrilled to visit many locations from Amy’s life story and to interview the nurse who cared for Amy near the end of her life. Here we see a shot of the interview with Amy’s nurse, Nancy Robbins. Nancy’s firsthand account brings a wonderful dimension to this documentary. The footage from Ireland and England will combine with other material direct from India to create an informative and moving presentation that we trust will be worthy of Amy Carmichael’s inspiring work.

Amy Carmichael Animation is Complete

Preena attempts an Escape.
Torchlighters is pleased to announce that the animation for Amy Carmichael is now completed and undergoing some fine-tuning. The colorful Indian scenes and moving story of Preena and her life-changing encounter with Amy is sure to become a Torchlighter favorite. The episode features both UK and Indian voice over actors.

Work also continues on other aspects of the production, including the Leader and Student Guides and the Original Documentary. We are working towards a Fall release of this much-anticipated Torchlighter!

Torchlighters Amy Carmichael Production

We are pleased to report that the animation of The Amy Carmichael Story is progressing beautifully with animation coloring 95% competed. This episode features Indian voice over actors which adds to the authenticity of the program. Amy’s established orphanage, Dohnavur, has also been very supportive of the program and have acted as script consultants.
Filming of the documentary will begin in Ireland in April. Dohnavur has graciously provided us with a goldmine of photographs from the early days of Amy’s ministry, that are sure to enhance the documentary.
Meanwhile, we are working on the DVD cover and the study guide! Check back often for updates on this exciting episode of The Torchlighters.

Amy Carmichael Documentary

Amy Carmichael shows her love for children.

In conjunction with the production of the Torchlighters animated features, we create original documentaries which help us to cover the rest of the story that wouldn’t fit into a thirty minute program. These separate productions help you gain a better understanding of the hero’s life and times. The Amy Carmichael story will be no exception.

The Amy Carmichael documentary is currently in the research stage. The orphanage she founded in Dohnavur, India has been a great source of information. Plans are under way to interview a nurse who cared for Amy during her last days.

The documentary will give you an inside look at Amy’s story! Here we see a photo of Amy with some of the children she ministered to.

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