Steve Saint and the Woadani


Steve Saint
Steve Saint flies planes just as his father Nate Saint did.

Where does Jim Elliot’s ministry stand today? The Auca (Woadani) became Christians through the efforts of the widows of the martyred men. Steve Saint (shown here), the son of missonary pilot Nate Saint (one of those killed), became a pilot himself and worked among the Woadani (also known as Huaorani). Wikipedia has an article telling more about these people .

Steve Saint poses in front of his airplaneSteve Saint later founded ITEC, the Indigenous Peoples Technology and Education Center. ITEC focuses on “enabling indigenous churches to overcome the technological and educational hurdles that stand in the way of their independence.” The work originated out of lessons learned working with the Waodani. To contact Steve Saint and ITEC, visit them on facebook.


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