Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Torchlighters®

  1. What is a Torchlighter?®
    Torchlighter: One who commits to serving God and passing on the light of the Gospel, even if the going gets tough.
  2. What church affiliation are the makers of Torchlighters?
    Christian History Institute, primary creator of the Torchlighters®, is aligned with no particular denomination, but adheres to the Apostles’ Creed and seeks to present the history of the global church and to see the best in each Christian tradition. We believe the glory of Christ is shown by presenting the work he has done in and through his people at various times and in various places. All Torchlighters were men and women who showed themselves faithful to Christ and to the Word of God.
  3. Are digital versions of Torchlighters available?
    They are. To purchase digital versions, go to Vision Video, search for the Torchlighter you want and on its page, under “Related Products,” you will find the mp4 version.
    Digital versions are also available as onDemand at Vimeo. Here are some facts that you should consider: (1) Due to the restrictions of Vimeo’s onDemand services, subtitles are not available with the downloads. The service only allows for one language feature and does not yet allow for subtitling. (2) If you buy the entire packet, you may have to download the episodes individually. The “Download All” option can time out because of the size of the complete set. (3) The onDemand versions do not include all the features that are present on the DVDs.
  4. Are we allowed to show Torchlighters® DVDs to groups?
    We allow you to show these to a small group of children in your home or church. For all other groups, you can meet your legal obligation by obtaining a CVLI license from Christian Video Licensing International. Simply choose your country from the dropdown menu on the left of that page, and then fill out the application at “Apply Online.” Countries serviced by CVLI are Australia, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the United States. All others should contact Christian History Institute to make arrangements to show our DVDs. To show a copyrighted movie to a group without a license can be a violation of copyright.
  5. The DVDs tell us to get study guides from the web site. Where can I find these?
    The Torchlighter® study guides can be found under the menu item Guides (PDF). You do not need to be registered to download them.
  6. What other Torchlighters® are you going to issue?
    Torchlighter® subjects are chosen based on their Christian witness, their potential to provide children with a worthy role model, and their strong lasting legacy. Consideration is also given to each subject’s specific life story and whether it can be related for our target age group of 8–12 year old children and their families. We appreciate the many suggestions for future Torchlighters® submitted by our fans! We hope someday to do George Müller and Mary Slessor, two of the most frequent requests.
  7. I would like to show the Torchlighters in chronological order. Do you have a list?
      c.182–203 Perpetua
       354–430 Augustine
      1483–1546 Martin Luther
     c.1494–1536 William Tyndale
      1628–1688 Bunyan
      1703–1791 John Wesley
      1788–1850 Adoniram Judson
     c.1822–1913 Harriet Tubman
      1829–1912 William Booth
      1839–1866 Robert Jermain Thomas
      1867–1951 Amy Carmichael
      1873–1893 Samuel Morris
      1892–1983 Corrie ten Boom
      1902–1945 Eric Liddell
      1902–1970 Gladys Aylward
      1909–2001 Wurmbrand
      1927–1956 Jim Elliot
  8. Where can I find the reproducible handouts, puzzles, discussion questions, and coloring pages that the DVDs mention?
    When you go to the Torchlighters® and click on any feature, you will find a tab for resources. These resources include quizzes, puzzles, coloring pages and other resources.
  9. Who Is the Producer of Torchlighters®?
    Robert Fernandez produces Torchlighters®. In a 2012 interview Robert Fernandez explained the aims of Torchlighters® and mentioned some of the subjects who are being considered for future issues. Interview with Fernandez
  10. Who sings the lovely Perpetua song?
    Florence McNair sings the Perpetua song. It was composed and produced by Michael Dooley. Listen and/or download the song
  11. Where can I buy Torchlighters outside the United States?
    The Torchlighters’ main distributor is Vision Video, our sister company. Vision Video has several distribution partners around the world, many of whom carry the Torchlighters. Please visit its foreign vendor page to find a distributor near you and ask for Torchlighters!
  12. What age group are Torchlighters® geared toward?
    Torchlighters® are targeted to 8–12 year olds, but are often enjoyed by younger and older children. Many parents express their enjoyment for these programs as well, particularly the accompanying documentaries.
  13. In what settings are Torchlighters® used?
    Besides in the home, Torchlighters® are used in churches, schools, and communities. They are used for enrichment, evangelism, and enjoyment all over the world. The accompanying study materials help users to get the most out of these DVDs.
  14. How can you provide so much material at such a low price?
    We often hear that our pricing is very reasonable. Many customers can not believe all that they get on a Torchlighter® DVD! First, it is important to understand that we view this as a ministry! We want children to know these heroes. Keeping our prices affordable allows many more families to own a set of Torchlighters. Also, we’ve assembled a cost-effective production team that is fully committed to bringing these great stories to life at a cost that allows us to continue the project. Finally, we don’t do aggressive or expensive marketing. Instead, we rely on the many customers who go out of their way to recommend Torchlighters® to their friends! Those enthusiastic recommendations are worth more than fancy advertisements.
  15. Have Torchlighters® been translated into languages other than Spanish?
    Yes, individual Torchlighters® have been dubbed into various languages including Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Cantonese, and Romanian. These languages are not yet available on all of our Torchlighter® DVDs, however we are working to include them on some episodes. For now, Jim Elliot, William Tyndale, and John Bunyan are available with English, Spanish, Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Hindi, and Gujarati. Jim Elliot and John Bunyan are also available in Portuguese. Sign up for E-mail updates to receive up-to-date information on developments in this area.
  16. Will the study guides be translated into languages other than English?
    Christian History Institute has no plans to translate the study guides into any other language. You are free to make your own translation, and if you wish to provide us a copy to share with others, we would welcome it.
  17. Do Torchlighters® DVDs provide subtitles for the deaf?
    Yes, all Torchlighters® episodes include optional English subtitles, and most also include Spanish subtitles. Please check www.visionvideo.com for many more Christian DVDs that include subtitles.
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