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“The John Wesley Story”
I watched the first torchlighters movie titled “The John Wesley Story.” It really touched my heart and I even had tears in my eyes. After this, I watched another movie but this movie is my favorite of all time.
“The John Bunyan Story”
After I watched this movie titled “The John Bunyan Story” I did not know that he was a well known christian author. He wrote so many books. One day I will read his book titled “The Pilgrim’s Progress.”
“The Augustine Story”
I have seen his name but never knew about him until I watched the movie titled “The Augustine Story.” It was so amazing that he had an influence about Christianity made make [sic] a different impact on people and the emperor of Rome. Now I know who he was.
“The Jim Elliot Story”
After I watched the movie titled, “The Jim Elliot Story.” I did not expect to see what happens to them in the end of the story. However, all I can say is two words “faith actions.” —Brittany

Torchlighters Heroes of the Faith have been one of the most important sources of inspiration that has helped my family realize the obligation we have to give our lives to Jesus Christ completely. The stories continually refresh us and never seem to get old or lose their power or ability to inspire and re-inspire every time we have viewed them. The documentaries are a vital part of the series. . . . Torchlighters have become part of our family, to make us part of God’s family through the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and its something that has been a must in the building of my children’s and my faith in these difficult times we now live in.—David Trani, Abaco, Bahamas

I am absolutely thrilled with your Torchlighter series…our six kids love the 30 minute movie and we parents LOVE the documentary extras! This series is one of our favorites, and have inspired us and encouraged us in SO many ways. Without even knowing or realizing it, it’s helped to prepare us for the unknown things that were to come into our lives [personal details here]….it wasn’t just one movie that did all this encouragement and inspiration…God did this…He has given each one of us a story to share…but boy am I thankful you all are putting out stories to encourage other’s for Christ…so people all over the world can see His light shine in such a way that they can see what a REAL and PERSONAL God we serve and love, and just what that looks like in an every day sort of way…showing He can do ALL things, that He loves us all, and all we have to do is say “Yes Lord, your servant is willing”

My children have been inspired for Christ by Torchlighters and so have their parents 🙂 We are so very blessed by all that you all do to make it happen, and thank each one of you for stepping forth and being willing…when not many will say “Yes Lord”, you saying “I WILL!” Can make all the difference in the world…one movie at a time!

Doesn’t God just wow you to no end?! Seeing how he can use us humans in such amazing ways…WOW! All for HIS glory!!! In the words of Eric Liddell, “Christ for the world, for the world needs Christ!”
The Doering Family

Recently, I stumbled across The Samuel Morris Story on Smile of a Child (TBN network)…what I saw was inspiring. Saturday evening 02.15.14…I stumbled across The Amy Carmichael Story on Smile of a Child….I ended up watching it to the end, as did my wife…I went online and learned that both are part of the Torchlighters series. Saturday evening, 02.22.14, I’m flipping through channels and stop at Smile of a Child when I immediately recognize the animation being aired as The Gladys Aylward Story (having previously visited the Torchlighters website)…My wife and I watched until the end. Tears came to our eyes. These are powerful dramas. I didn’t think I could ever be so effected by an animation. Bringing these stories to life is an incredible service to the church. I find myself wondering why I don’t recall ever hearing of these three heroes of the faith that Torchlighters brings honor to. Thank you.
—Dan Vaisanen
[The deletions refer to times and the decision to watch.]

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for producing these DVDs!! Our 3 children (aged 6, 4 and 2) watch them constantly and it cheers our hearts to hear them play Amy Carmichael rescuing Preena instead of Cinderella and Snow White! (in fact our 2 year old son goes around the house yelling, “let me go, let me go!” which he learned from that movie!).

We wanted something in our home that would enrich our children’s lives and give them missionary hearts, and these movies do that perfectly. We have recommended them to all the families we know who have children. We are already looking forward to John Wesley!

May God Bless you

We recently purchased the entire series of Torchlighter DVDs and LOVE them! The study guides have been great resources to assist us in asking our children questions after watching the film together. We have already had some challenging, but wonderful discussions about the martyrs who were willing to give their lives for Christ. We love the films just as much as our three children (ages 9, 6, and 2) do, and we especially enjoy the very informational documentaries on each DVD. The Torchlighter series has been such a blessing to our family, and have encouraged us to make many changes in our family in how we pray for and support missionaries around the world.

Also, THANK YOU for your incredible customer service! It has been amazing to see how helpful each of you have been. Thank you for being so willing to help and serve. We have already recommended the series to other family members and friends!
The SH Family

Our family has EVERY one of your series (well except the newest ones) and have found it a huge blessing to our five little ones (soon to be six). We homeschool and it is a wonderful stepping stone in studying and looking deeper in the lives of people who have made an impact for Christ … we LOVE it! We share these videos with all the kids and teen on our street as well as anyone else who wants to borrow them! All this to say that we love the documentary extras as much as the cartoons themselves (thank you for the extra blessing), and I personally just loved hearing Gladys share her story…the recordings of her voice are phenomenal! My quandary is how do you get these recordings?! I would love to hear them all! She is such an encouragement to me and anything I could get my hands on would be such a spiritual encouragement (to say the very least)! Any and all info you have on this would be great! Many Thanks!
The Doering Family

Editor’s note: A Gladys Aylward sermon in her own voice is available at

recently ordered all 8 of the torchlighter DVDs and my children love them. My three year old daughter asks to watch Perpetua every morning (and sometimes after naptime too). All of my children love the stories and often quote parts of the DVD’s throughtout the day. I’m so thrilled to see my children being introduced to real heroes…heroes whose lives point them to a deeper love for Jesus. Thank you, and we look forward to more Torchlighter DVDs in the future.

I’m using your DVD series—all 8—for summer Sunday School. After viewing the DVDs and especially the online study guides/student lessons, I regret not using these lessons for an entire semester or year. Your written lesson guides and activities are excellent!

Series with teacher/student guides of this quality are always needed. Thanks,
Shelley Haines

Torchlighters produce an excellent series of 30 minute videos for kids on Christian heroes. I just really want to thank you, the material available has been a real blessing to us, not just because they teach about famous Christians but they always teach an aspect that is applicable to our kids and their life choices now…how to be a missionary and so on. They have the most fantastic activity books for kids, for each of their movies. And better yet, they have the same pdf booklet, with even more goodies packed in it: ideas and lesson ideas for teachers. Really they have been brilliant.
Contact Se7en

What great DVDs your company is making at a great price for families. We have seen all of them in the collection; they are all great. And was not Perpetua’s story oh so sad (not a dry eye the first time we saw it).

Just wanted you to pass on our thanks, and to encourage your team to keep producing such quality DVDS for the children (and us adults), with great messages and an awsome focus on individuals in history who are really walking the walk for our Lord at all cost. Keep up the GREAT work. It is much needed 10/10.

I recently discovered your website and The Torchlighters series for children. As a mother and pastor’s wife, I am DELIGHTED to find such a wonderful faith-based resource for encouraging and inspiring young children!

My own children are enjoying the printable worksheets from your website and are looking forward to viewing the DVDs (my girls especially like Amy Carmichael!). I also plan to use The Torchlighters as a resource in teaching Children’s Church.
Kristy Howard

We have all of your Torchlighters dvds, and love showing them to our grandchildren. We have all but the Amy Carmichael one and that should arrive at our home any day now. Will you ever be doing one on Dietrich Bonhoeffer? I so want our family to know his story and you present things so well in the wonderful animation style you use. Thank you for all you do for the cause of Christ and his faithful heroes of the faith. Sincerely,
Susan Cline

We are loving the Torchlighters dvds. It has been a great addition to our home schooling curriculum. Thank you for making these available. I can’t wait to see additional titles coming out. It is so great to be able to add dvds to our day that not only help us learn about missionaries but that is also entertaining for our children.
Brenda Baxley

We have been doing this whole series all summer long and intend to do some more! This is a fantastic curriculum and our children’s church just love it. We are going to have a quiz show program for the adults on a Wed night to show them how much we have learned. And we have learned alot!! Praise God for the makers of Torchlighters! We are grateful and blessed!! From the Joy Club kids at Victory Christian Fellowship in E. Palatka, FL.
Melanie Vance

I have the set of Torchlighters missionary stories. Children show the movie and wanted more. The content is good. Children drew several lesson by watching they shared in writings. They could express better after watching. Recommended the whole series to the church library and the whole set was purchased. Looking forward to more missionary stories. The story is LIVES impacting lives especially to the little ones.
—May Eng, Singapore

Each time my granddaughter (age 9)comes for a visit, her first “movie” request are the Torchlighter series. It is the BEST investment I have ever made. She especially likes Perpetua and John Bunyan. I see you have two new ones which I will be ordering. Thank you for this series. My husband & I also enjoy watching with her. They are the finest quality DVDs & such wonderful history. My granddaughter is adopted from China & I first bought them for the Gladys Aylward story.
Judy Reece

We have ordered the Torchlighter series (we have all the titles) and it has been a blessing not only for my children but also for all the people that have come by our house and we have shared it with them. The series is short, not time-consuming and very edifying. One series note tho:I am praying that there will not be the use of the contemporary style of music but it will always be kept sacred, and classical.
Pastor Johnny Singapore

Our church has recently completed the Torchlighter series with an after school Bible club program. Children and adults were blessed. Thank you, too, for all the wonderful resource helps with each lesson study. We completed the 6 lessons and will welcome any new Torchlighter presentations.
Kris Rollins

Your Heroes of Faith DVD series is making a great impact on our children. Each time I show one in our missions’ emphasis time, they are totally intrigued and touched by how God used ordinary people to do extraordinary things for His glory. They are beginning to realize God can use them too. Keep them coming!
—Sue Johnsson

I also want to encourage you and the staff at Vision Video to continue your work on the Torchlighter Series. They are fabulous and I can not wait to use them in my Sunday school curriculum this summer as we study “Brave Hearts for Jesus”!!

I am thrilled to endorse your work. I can’t wait to see the Amy Carmichael film when it gets done, and I love the extra interviews etc that you have included. Last week I downloaded all the guides and they are the same quality as everything else. Keep it up.

In Him,

Your toons are very enhancing to my life style. I would like to encourage you to do more. And All the Best and God Bless.

I love your DVDs! Your ministry has been such a blessing! I’m a Children’s Minister and I’ve bought all your DVDs. When will the Amy Carmichael DVD come out? Thanks,

Thank you for making these videos. It’s really nice to have movies that my children can watch that feed their faith in Jesus. I’m really glad that you plan to make more. We have all the ones you’ve made so far and look forward to the new ones. Thanks again.
— Ann Campbell

I have the entire series of the torchlighters and I and my daughter (5 years old) watch them. I believe these to be very God-honoring. I’m very grateful to be able to personally view them and to share them with my daughter, so that she can see what true Christianity is like, instead what is portrayed in the circus church of the USA.

I just wish you could crank out more of them at a time:) But don’t ever change the quality of the message, each one has been stellar. And oh, I know you put a suggested age range on the DVDs, but really there’s no limit to the age range with these.

Awesome work, praise the Lord!!!!

In Christ alone….

The Torchlighters cartoons are nothing short of excellent—especially the Jim Elliot, Eric Liddel & Gladys Aylward DVD’s. I show them to a group of (previously) “unchurched” children, of whom many of which have become new believers through Bible story teaching and weekly preaching at an afterschool program in the neighborhood… I have also been keeping these cartoons in heavy rotation and the kids LOVE them. They watch the cartoons over and over again and never get bored. Best of all these cartoons are GOSPEL SATURATED. They have even brought myself, a 20 year young adult, to tears (occasionally) while watching. Praise God! Please keep making these cartoons at all costs! Thank you.
—Adam Schaefers

I ordered your dvds for the kids at our home bible study. We started a home bible study where the parents can bring thier kids. While the adults have thier lesson, we are showing the movies and talking to the kids about sharing Christ and missions.

Your dvd’s are amazing. The kids watched every minute. We have a wide age range, and these movies are great for all of them.
—Name withheld.

Thank you! Thank you! Your DVD’s are wonderful! I am a career missionary (former school teacher) with BCM International — serving in Canada (ON) and conduct missions conferences for children in churches here and in the US and overseas. These are amazing tools and such great quality and message — I use them and recommend them to churches. All teacher helps and children’s pages are the best. Keep up the good work — and do MORE!! (Thanks for doing my favorite — Gladys Aylward! God Bless your ministry!

You’re doing a spectacular job on the Torch Lighters series. We all love them and my daughter most especially. You’ve really hit on a winner there. As you well know, it’s so hard to find Christian videos for children that go beyond entertainment to actual education on a level they can appreciate and enjoy. So from all of us Mom’s out here we truly thank you for your hard work and devotion.

We have all four of the Torch Lighters. My daughter watches them over and over again. I’m so looking forward to your next release.

I can’t wait!

In Christian Love

Excellent, wonderful, and faith-building! Please continue this series and don’t water it down. Also, don’t drop the features with the biographers, etc. That’s important. Blessings.
—Judith Peach.

Absolutely love your series. What a great way to teach our Sunday School class about mission. I thank God for you.
Judy from Australia

Thank you for producing such outstanding DVDs for our families about the Heroes of our Faith. I am delighted with every aspect of the the first two DVDs. I am highly recommending them to all the families in our homeschooling group. God Bless you!
Becky Drish

Your videos look great!! What other ones do you have? I’d like to order them all! Thanks for any information you can send me!!

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