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I’m a British missionary working in Nigeria with my husband for 39 years, esp in childrens work, with a Nigerian church. We love your missionary DVDs. Had you thought of doing one on Mary Slessor of Calabar? Also is there any way that we can buy your DVDs more cheaply in Nigeria as they are expensive for the Nigerian Christians?—Jenny Daniels [February 2016]

(1)Mary Slessor is being considered. (2)To cut costs, consider using the download service that provides the videos in mp4 format at about half the cost of the dvds.


There are not words that adequately describe how The Torchlighter series is impacting our family: grandmother (70), daughter (45), granddaughter (7). All of us are moved . . . nightly . . . as we watch the DVDs. No matter how many times we see each one, we are deeply moved . . . often to tears. The Holy Spirit saturates the presentation of the stories, each candidly giving enough detail to relate the reality of the lives of the martyrs depicted. Please . . . continue to produce┬áthese godly works that remind believers of the truth of living a life for God. More coming? Please? —Suzi Vaughan [January 2016]

More are coming. Luther is in process now.


I have purchased all of these amazing dvds. I have enjoyed each of them. I am 49 years old for the record. Here is someone to think about for a torchlighter. His name is Alexander Noble, he was from Cubia and was imprisoned. Wrote a book called I will Die Free. —Jannie Davis [October 2015]

We agree that Alexander Noble is a wonderful story and wish we could make every episode people have asked for, but since that is impossible, we try to focus on stories that strongly involve children.


Hi! My name is Renata an I’m a big fan of Tourchlighters. It’s a brilliant idea to introduce heroes of faith to our children. We love it! Thanks so much for sharing this vision with us, it has been a blessing to our family!

Just a suggestion: I noticed you haven’t got the story of George Muller and Hudson Tayler and Charles Studd. They are such a great example of faith and also D L Moody, Billy Graham, Suzanna Wesley, and many others. If it’s possible I would like to encourage you to continue adding more heroes of faith like these ones I mentioned before and bless more lives as you’ve already been doing. Blessings —Renata Campos [September 2015]

These are all good suggestions and I hope some day we are able to make at least some of these.

  Our family has watched your DVDs for years and we have been SO blessed by your materials!!

We are so grateful that you’ve provided a Christian look at history, showed us stories of brave Christians, and built our faith — one episode at a time. And we thank you for stepping up to do this and providing *excellent* children’s DVD’s — a very rare thing indeed!

  I’ve watched the Amy Carmicheal and Perpetua stories with my family. I must say these are both just so excellent. I am now researching more about Amy the missionary. It has inspired me so much. THANK YOU! I am especially happy about all the extras on each DVD. Our church is thrilled that we got the set.
Carol Hale

 I love the DVD series. I use them at church often. Have you ever considered doing the story of George Mueller and his orphans? I wish you would do this story. Thanks for the consideration.
Kate Humes

    A year ago I read a book called God’s Smuggler a story about Brother Andrew who is the founder of Open Doors Ministry. His story is very interesting and I hope that you will read the book and make a torchlighters episode on Brother Andrew.
James Jordan

 Thank you all so much for your encouraging words about our new Wednesday night program. I cannot wait to get started. I am going tonight to print the teachers guides and student guides as well as posters for William Tyndale. I wanted to start with him because God”s Word is going to be the foundation for everything we teach and also Tyndale’s ultimate sacrifice makes him a great example and hero of the faith that our children can look up to.

I already have a couple of ideas for special emphasis that we are planning that I will share with you. When we study John Bunyan we will have a mom in our church (who has a degree in and is very gifted in drama) do a dramatic reading for the kids of Pilgrim’s Progress. I have a beautifully illustrated book with a cd that has the pictures from the book to show to the kids during the reading.

For Jim Elliot we have an amazing treasure in our community—the widow of a martyr, Dottie Freeman. I believe that her husband was killed during their mission service in South America at the hands of the Chinese because of the gold reserves. It may have been Africa, I don’t remember, but she and the kids along with other missionary families and foreigners’ families were allowed to leave, but the men were imprisoned and many died there. Dottie is an extra special treasure because she knew and was friends with Elisabeth Elliot and also another of the “Auca Incident” widows, I forget which one. I have asked her if she would come share with the kids one night.

When we are finished, I am considering putting together a special program in front of the church with the kids about the Torchlighter series. I am not sure what that will be yet, but one thing I know is that because of the wonderful teaching guides you have provided, I have time to do things like this.

As you can see, Torchlighters is going to be the springboard for many exciting things our children will get to experience and share and I want to thank you again for creating such an amazing program of such high quality. Everything is so well thought out and the artwork is beautiful. I know the parents will immediately see that we have chosen an exceptional program and the kids will be thrilled to see the posters start going up around the church.

I also want to thank you so very much for your generosity in using the Torchlighter name and logo. I will keep you posted on how things go. I have a meeting scheduled this Sunday with the teachers and we plan to start the Torchlighter series on Wednesday, October 19th.

One question I have if you can answer it, will the William Booth video be out by the time we are finished so we can study it as well? I plan to take 2 weeks with each video and adding a few extra days in there for holidays and maybe practice for the final program, we might be finished by the end of January 2012. I just can’t find anywhere on your website that says when you expect to have it ready, but I have downloaded the study guides so I know it’s pretty close.

Thanks again and many blessings to you all,
—Tammy Morton

I have used your videos for Sunday School, and the kids love them! Have you considered doing a video on Corrie Ten Boom and the Hiding Place? Please do!

 Our family owns all but the latest of your DVD’s and we appreciate them so much. I think it would be wonderful to do the story of Irena Sendler—the Polish woman who saved 2,500 Jewish children during the Holocaust. Just wanted to make that suggestion—I know she was imprisoned and tortured at one point, but she lived to a ripe old age.

  As well as agreeing with Corrie, I also suggest Hudson Taylor, John G. Paton, and John Stott
—Oyebisi Adebayo

 We have all the TL DVDs and we love them. We also have the new Amy C one, will they be coming out with a new one by the end of the year?

We hope to release William Booth this year, and Sammy Morris sometime next year

   hi there, and thanks for all the great films. i have been using them in sunday school, and the kids love them. was wondering if you ever heard of alexander mckay. His life story would make for a great torchlighter film. I read his biography in an old book series called faith and fame series. just a suggestion, all the best and God bless you all for your good work.

—nestor demetriou

  Hi, my name is Seyoung and I’m [age removed] years old. I recommend you do Martin Luther as a torchlighters. My mom talks about him all the time. You don’t have to do it right now if you don’t want to or you’re too busy with the William Booth Story. I love Torchlighters movies.


Hope all is well. I am simply writing this message to suggest a name: Noble Alexander…his story changed my life as a young man and helped strengthen my faith as a new Christian (@ 20). His book I Will Die Free is as compelling as it gets and his victory of faith amidst persecution is perfect for a ministry like yours which has brought these type of stories to life most beautifully.

This ministry has been a blessing to my family and I and I pray you continue the work.

Blessings. Maranatha,

Hello my name is Joshua and I am eight years old. I’m a Christian ­čÖé and own all of your Torchlighter videos. I Love Them All, and would like to make a suggestion for another. Would your Prayerfully consider making one about Corrie Ten Boom similar to The Hiding Place Movie… Praise Jesus and Thank You Torchlighters. —Joshua

Editor’s Note: We have now made the Corrie episode.

I am writing to suggest a person for a future Torchlighters episode. Have you considered making a film on Michael Sattler of the early Anabaptists? He and his wife were both martyred for Christ in 1527. A movie called The Radicals was made about this but it is a full length film geared for adults.

. . .

Thanks for replying to me! I’m so very happy and surprised to hear that your group issued “The Radicals.” That film has been such a wonderful source of joy as well as tears for me since my conversion to Christ. I am a missionary in Serbia now with my wife and our children.

We all love watching your animated films over and over again. There is hardly a dry eye especially the first time we watch one. God bless you and know that these films are making an impact. In this age of prosperity preaching and “easy believism,” it’s a much needed testimony to Christ and his precious lambs who gave their all for the Gospel. May the LORD our righteousness provide above and beyond all you need and could ever ask.
—Jeremy Hiltz & family

I am excited about your ministry of carrying the torch generation to generation as God has called us to. These are great tools and will encourage children of all ages that anything is possible when God is in it. God Bless


I love the Jim Elliot story dvd! It’s perfect for kids!

I was thinking, I’d love to see Torchlighters produce stories about people of other ethnicities—e.g. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Hello, I’m trying to find the soundtrack or song from the closing credits of the Perpetua DVD. There is no list of credits on the DVD so I was unable to reference the song and artist from the female soloist singing at the very end of the story. Would you be able to supply this information?
Thanks so much,


We are pleased to announce that you can now listen to the Perpetua song on the site.


I listen to the Torchlighters sometimes when I do night exercise (the Wurmbrand one) was really touching since I loved pastor Wurmbrand and his wife like I’ve known them all my lives. With this one and another one called Bless You, Prison I get a feel of what its like not to have full lighting, warders cranking their voices up at you, no rest etc. The reason why I do it in darkness is because to help stimulate the feeling of quiet, darkness, sometimes lonliness.

I pratice knuckle tapping, sometimes I clap, sometimes I sing.

The sermons on the torchlighters DVD’s really help if I need a reminder or just need to hear a voice that means so much to me. Thanks a bundle for this work. I’m sure my future generations will benefit from them.

I recently bought the torchlighers series and I want to know if the guides are also available in Spanish too. Thank you!


I am sorry to report that the study guides are not available in Spanish. We would love to translate them eventually. You certainly have our permission to translate all or part for your own use, if you like!


I do not know the story of Perpetua but when I saw that it was about a woman from North Africa I thought the customers at the bookstore I work at would appreciate it. Our main clientele here are black. When receiving the dvd from the distributor I had to question why a woman from N Africa is drawn with red hair and blue eyes. Again I don’t know her story maybe you know that she originally came from Europe or something, but just something to think about as you do these stories. I also think of this when I see a blond hair blue eyed Jesus when most of the Jewish people I know have dark hair and eyes.


Thank you for your interest in the Torchlighters videos and for your keen observation about our depiction of Perpetua.

Although a North African, it seems Perpetua was white. She was a Roman, and there exists an ancient mosaic from North Africa which depicts her as light-skinned with reddish-brown hair. You can see an image of this at Perpetua mosaic.

I am guessing that our artists developed their presentation of Perpetua based on this kind of information.

We strive for accuracy in our features. Thank you for reminding us of the importance of doing so, and I hope this answers your question satisfactorily.


you really make me aware of the sacrifices and faith of our faith heroes. thank you and God bless you


Dear CHI,
I love your videos. I think you should do two about Corrie Ten Boom and Brother Andrew. They both have amazing stories.


Hi I am Praveen Chrispugg from India…I am an animation director and I saw Jim elliot’s animated video recently….well done…you have done a great job…glad to see quality works from christian media….do well…praise god for your fantastic work and effort Love and prayers

—praveen Chrispugg

I viewed the inspiring story of Richard Wurmbrand and I can’t really help but cry and deeply touched of his inspiring story.

The story of Gladys Aylward also made me ponder and inspired me to no end. I will plan to show these to around 200 kids (12-13 year-olds) late this year or early next year. So I have complete DVDs of all Torchlighters series so far. I will look forward for release of The Perpetua Story this June and I will order as soon as it is ready for shipment.
God Bless us all,

—Bernard from the Philippines

I am deaf as well my husband so we both interesting simple languauge especially my children are hearing and loves bible stories. Most important for us DVD with Subtitles so please let us know if any DVD includes subtitles.


[Torchlighters do indeed have subtitles. Also, each one offers the narrative in Spanish as well as in English.]

I was curious if you knew of any more videos being worked on after the Amy Carmichael one? I was preparing to teach a class of 10 weeks in the spring of 2010 and wondered if anymore were on there way? thank you for such an awesome product!


[We have not finalized a list after Amy Carmichael.]

Good to read what Michael has written about upcoming DVDs. What about Corrie Ten Boom, Joni E Tada and George Washington Carver? Great Role models for our children. Can’t wait for the next one. How soon will it be available here in England? GOD Bless you in this great work.


Editor’s note: Michael’s list is a wish list, not our list. Sorry! We have made Corrie Ten Boom, however.

Thank you for these wonderful films. I just saw my first two: John Bunyan and Eric Liddell, and they were great. They really touched my heart and I learned a lot about two godly men that I look forward to meeting in Heaven one day.


Hello my name is Michael. I was thinking of doing hudson taylor, George Muller, Mary Slessor, C.S Lewis, Adoniram Judson, Billy Graham And William Wimberforce as a series 2 of torchlighters.

thanks —Michael

I luv what you do. I have given my Elliot DVD away so anyone else can enjoy it. It was striking to see such well done animation-not too scary, not too blood freezing.


I would like to know if you are going to produce more torchlighter DVD’s. I love them and my kids love them. —No Name Given. More are in preparation

Gracias por el material que han producido, mis hijos Ailen (5) y Matias (2) no paran de verlos y lo ven una y otra vez buscando entender la verdadera pasion por estos hombres! Hemos llorado juntos y tambien nos hemos divertido juntos con las historias. —Ninoska y Jorge Yunes, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

When are the other torchligthers coming out? Is the eric liddell story out? I love watching your videos. My favorite one is the jim elliot story. God bless you, —seth

Is the Eric Liddell DVD available yet? If not, when do you expect it to be available? Love your series! Trish Farrell

I have purchased Jim Elliot and William Tyndale for my Sunday School class, and I’m ready to purchase John Bunyan. The kids love them! Keep them coming, they are a great ministry tool. —Harry Fletcher.

I seen the TORCHLIGHTERS series for the first time today at a stand at our church as the VOICE OF THE MARTYRS were presenting. I am so excited to be able to pass the stories of men of the faith to my future children. May God Bless your ministry. —Jeremy Gardiner.

May I show these DVDs in a small group in a detention center? I go to J. Reuben Long Detention Center in Conway, SC and was told I must have written permission from you to show it there. Thank You. ——Alice Titley We are happy to have any of our readers show our videos to groups but ask that you obtain a license from Christian Video Licensing International

This is great work. May the grace of God be with you all as you contine in ministry for the Lord. —Kamau Kambui

I have both of your films. I love them. The Body of Christ can greatly benefit by showing to our children. Please, keep on making more. They are fantastic. Spare no expense. Make’ em better and better. –Pastor Liberty

Do you have any idea when the Eric Lydell and John Bunyan tapes will be out? I’m working on a year long calendar which includes a Torchlighters party every quarter. Thanks! — Lecia Retter

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