Torchlighters® Relay


Recommended for use with any episode of The Torchlighters.®

example of the assembled tubeTube cover (PDF), printed on blue paper if desired (one per student).

Torch Craft: Give each student a tube and a tube cover. Have them glue the tube cover around the tube so the art and the words show. Distribute three sheets of tissue paper to each student. Stack the sheets of tissue and then pick them up together in the middle. Stuff the middle down into the top of the paper torch and pull the ends up to create a “flame.”

Torch Relay: Follow the instructions for the paper torch craft, but do not add the “flames.” Divide the class into two teams and form two relay lines. Place the red, yellow and orange tissue paper at the finish line in piles. Give the first student in each line a torch with a flame already in it. The first student will carry his torch, run to the finish, grab the three different colors of tissue squares and run back. He or she will then stuff the tissue into the “torch” of the next student, thereby lighting the paper “flame.” This student will now carry his or her torch to the end and bring back tissue paper for the next student in line. The winning team is the first one to have all their paper torches lit with the tissue paper flames.

DISCUSS: What do you think it means to be a torchlighter”? How can you use your talents to pass a flame of faith, like a “torchlighter”?


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