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Torchlighters have blessed hundreds of thousands of children (and adults) around the world. Our vision is to:

Animating DVDs is a slow and costly undertaking. There are many more biographies we would like to do, and many languages not yet reached by Torchlighters®. Your donation can help us continue and expand this ministry. We are committed not to use blatant fund-raising or arm twisting. That has never been our style and never will be.

If you are blessed by this ministry and would like to see it continue into the future, please consider making a gift of any size.

Torchlighters® is a ministry of Christian History Institute. You can make donations online at the Christian History Institute website,

– or –

you can mail a check to:

Christian History Institute
Box 540
Worcester PA 19490.

Thank you for your partnership with Torchlighters!

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