Documentaries Are Now OnDemand, Too

On Demand
Many of you have asked for the Torchlighters documentaries to be made available online. We’ve heard you! Sixteen Torchlighters documentaries are now available as onDemand. To watch or download them for yourself, visit Vimeo.

Harriet Tubman Story Is in the Store

Tubman jacketFor centuries slavery reigned in parts of America, forcing an entire people into a lifetime of suffering and servitude. Living under the thumb of this oppressive system, young Harriet Tubman prayed ceaselessly that she and her family would be set free. Little did she know, God would use her and her resolute faith in Jesus to rescue not only her own family, but hundreds of other enslaved African-Americans as well. Discover how Harriet followed God, became the Moses of her people, and persevered despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles in this latest episode of The Torchlighters. You can purchase the animated story at Christian History Institute.

Judson nomination

Judson jacketThe Adoniram and Ann Judson Story has been nominated for an award by Christian Worldview Film Festival. The festival occurs in March.

Torchlighters Ultimate Activity Book

activity bookTorchlighters can be even more fun and a super learning experience with the Torchlighters Ultimate Activity Book. This companion to the series features the first sixteen heroes of faith.

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Luther Upholds a Neglected Truth

Luther cover
Martin Luther struggled to find forgiveness for his sins. He punished his body and did many good things. Nothing gave him peace until reading the Bible he realized that trusting Jesus is the only way to be right with God.

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Color the Reformation

sola4blogFrom the talented hand of Jennifer Trafton Peterson and the makers of the Torchlighters DVD series comes the Five Solas coloring page for all ages! Download and color it now.

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Robert Jermain Thomas, Fourteenth Torchlighter

Thomas_sYou can now order the latest TL video. The Robert Jermain Thomas Story is the fourteenth in the ongoing series of faith heroes.

In the mid 19th century, the hermit kingdom of Korea will do anything to keep foreigners and Christianity out. However, one brave missionary will do anything to bring the light of God into this dark land. With the help of some Korean fishermen hungry for truth, Robert Jermain Thomas risks everything to smuggle in a treasure beyond all imagination. But what will his bravery cost him? And will the Word of God bring light to this dark kingdom?

Find out in the Robert Jermain Thomas Story.

The Corrie ten Boom Story Has Won Several Awards


We are pleased to announce that since its release, Torchlighters’® Corrie ten Boom Story has won several awards. We are delighted that the judges at the International Christian Visual Media Awards and at the Christian European Visual Media Association have considered this animated story worthy of honors. Corrie ten Boom was a woman who suffered greatly at the hands of the Nazis, both for her faith and for saving Jews. The four awards are:

  • • Gold Crown Award – Best Children’s Video – Won at 2014 International Christian Visual Media
  • • Silver Crown Award – Best Television Format – Won at the 2014 International Christian Visual Media
  • • Bronze Crown Award – Best Picture – Won at the 2014 International Christian Visual Media
  • • Best Children/Youth Production – Won at the 2014 Christian European Visual Media Association (CEVMA) Film Festival in Austria.

If you haven’t seen this movie, order your copy today. Torchlighters videos make great Christmas gifts.

The John Wesley Story Is now Shipping


Torchlighters: The John Wesley Story began shipping last week. If you have not yet ordered your copy, now is the ideal time and the price is right. Or buy the entire set of thirteen Torchlighters and enjoy hours of superb DVDs telling true stories from church history (plus the Torchlighter’s Corrie ten Boom book) for a great price.

John Wesley Ready for Pre-order


The moment you have been waiting for is here. Pre-order Torchlighters: the John Wesley Story.


Young preacher John Wesley has been taught to always follow the rules and do lots of good works to assure his salvation. But now he has a new message to share—one of salvation by grace. When he is no longer welcome in Church of England pulpits, John faces a big decision: Take his message outside the church walls to people who are not accepted or continue to follow the rules as before?

Follow John Wesley’s adventures including his miraculous childhood rescue, his failed trip to America, his dramatic experience at Aldersgate, and his world-changing choice to take his message to society’s outcasts. In this action-packed episode of the Torchlighters, meet the bold founder of the Methodist movement.


Corrie ten Boom Story Wins Award

Crown Awards at the annual International Christian Visual Media Conference in Atlanta gave three medals to Torchlighters: The Corrie ten Boom Story: Gold Award for Best Children’s Video, Silver Award for Best Television Format, and Bronze Award for Best Picture.

First of the Torchlighters’ books

You’ll need more than one!

When you see our new fully-illustrated children’s biography of Corrie ten Boom, you will think of children, libraries, churches, and schools who would love to have a copy.

Look inside.

Pre-order now at the reduced price of $7.99.

Review: The Nazis vs. a Praying Family

The Corrie ten Boom Story is the newest addition to the Torchlighters® series. For those who may be unfamiliar, The Torchlighters® series is a series of short animated movies that introduces young viewers to men and women from Christian history. These movies are great for families to introduce many figures from Christian history to their children in a way that is fun for the kids.

The Corrie ten Boom Story drops the viewer into the middle of World War II and does a good job of showing how Nazi Germany truly despised others. One soldier makes a statement that shows the hatred when he says that “you have to get rid of the bad to salvage the good.” This is exactly what the Nazis thought they where doing by slaughtering so many Jews, and this is where the story takes us. We get introduced to the ten Boom family and get to see how God used this family and their watch repair shop to help so many people. The ten Boom family begins to help these Jewish people because they find out that “the rumor is they are being rounded up and….exterminated.” Their reasoning is stated very clearly: “The Good Shepherd gave His life for His sheep. Can we do anything less for God’s chosen people?” So, the ten Booms used code words to bring Jews who needed protection into their “hiding place,” referring to needy people as “watches.”

The story continues to follow Corrie and her family as they are found out by Nazi soldiers and thrown into a camp. Corrie and her sister show amazing courage throughout this time, even when they deal with doubt. Corrie prays a prayer at one point saying: “We have done what we thought was your will. Help me to trust that you have not forgotten me.” What a wonderful prayer for young minds to hear in a video as they watch the one praying that pray suffer in a concentration camp. So many details from the life of Corrie ten Boom made it into this short (30 minute) video. The video ends with Corrie being released and immediately going back to help everyone that she can and traveling around to tell her story.

This is one of the more difficult stories to tell to younger children simply because it is so full of hate and death, but I feel that there is a good balance and presentation in this movie. The recommended age range is 8-12 and I think this is a good age to be able to have healthy conversations with kids about man’s depravity and the evil that exists in our hearts. It also shows that God can use any situation to get glory and use it for the good of His children.

I would highly recommend this video to any Christian parent looking for ways to introduce their children to men and women in Christian history.

I received a free copy of this DVD from Vision Video in exchange for an honest review.

Posted by parkerj at

Order Corrie ten Boom

corrie3dCorrie ten Boom is now shipping. Corrie ten Boom and her family are masters of their craft; they repair broken watches and return them safely to their owners. But as the evil of World War II sweeps through their city, a new kind of “watch” comes to their care: an innocent Jewish baby, desperately needing protection from the cruelty of the new Nazi regime. How will the ten Booms keep this baby and many others out of harm’s way, and what will be the cost of serving God amidst unthinkable evils? When faith is tested, hope is tried, and love is strained, will Corrie’s God prevail? See her amazing story of courage, sacrifice, and forgiveness anew through this gripping episode of The Torchlighters®.

An Award-Winning Series

Torchlighters set of ten.

Between them, seven of the ten Torchlighters have won twenty-five awards! Here is the list.


  • Gold Award – Best Children’s Film – Won at July 2012 – International Christian Visual Media
  • Silver Award – Best Series – Won at July 2012 – International Christian Visual Media
  • Bronze Award – Best Evangelistic Film – Won at July 2012 – International Christian Visual Media
  • Best Children/Youth Production – Won at CEVMA Film Festival 2012


  • Gold Crown for Best Children’s Film 2011 International Christian Visual Media
  • Bronze for Best Youth Film 2011 International Christian Visual Media
  • Silver for Best Series 2011 International Christian Visual Media
  • Silver for Best Documentary Under $50,000 2011 International Christian Visual Media
  • Gold for Best Evangelistic Film 2011 International Christian Visual Media


  • Remi Gold – Worldfest Houston Awards 2009
  • 2010 Silver Crown Award – Best Series at the International Christian Visual Media Association


  • Platinum Award – Children’s – Won at 2008 Worldfest Houston International Film Festival
  • Silver Crown Award for Best Series – ICVM 2009
  • Silver Crown Award for Best Children’s Film – ICVM 2009
  • Silver Crown Award for Best Youth Film – ICVM 2009


  • Gold Crown Award – Best Children’s Film – 2008 International Christian Visual Media Awards
  • Gold Crown Award – Best Series – 2008 International Christian Visual Media Awards


  • Gold Remi; Children’s Category at 2007 Worldfest Houston International Film Festival
  • Silver Crown Award, Best Curriculum at 2007 International Christian Visual Media Crown Awards
  • Bronze Crown Award, Best Picture at 2007 International Christian Visual Media Crown Awards
  • Silver Crown Award, Best Children’s Film at 2007 International Christian Visual Media Crown Awards
  • Silver Crown Award, Best Youth Film at 2007 International Christian Visual Media Crown Awards


  • Gold Crown Award – Crown Awards 2006
  • Gold Remi Award – Worldfest – Houston 2006
  • Gold Award – Best Children’s Film – ICVM Crown Award 2006

Olympic Fair with The Eric Liddell Story.

Liddell Torchlighter

Olympics + Torchlighters + KIDS = Fun and Learning! This summer’s Olympic games in London are a great springboard for a little Torchlighter® fun and games at church or in your own neighborhood based on the Eric Liddell Story.

Start with our Olympic Fair (described in the Liddell Leader Guide) where kids will enjoy creative backyard games and contests like “Super Soaker Dodgeball” and “Tricky Triathlon.” Then show the Torchlighter® DVD to introduce the home team to Eric Liddell, an Olympic gold medalist, whose faith led him to far greater glory. Finally, use our handy study guides to lead kids through faith-building discussions and activities that will challenge them to live more fully for Christ.

Order Torchlighters: The Eric Liddell Story today and start planning for a fun day of Olympic-Sized learning!

Samuel Morris Guides & Preview

A spear out of nowhere!

Learn more about the Torchlighters’® latest DVD: The Samuel Morris Story. You can preview it and download the study guides. View some images in the gallery. Don’t miss out on the latest Torchlighter® adventure. You’ll be pleased with the story’s strong Christian content. With the DVD’s release not far away, order your copy now.

Prince Kaboo escapes cruel African enemies who hold him hostage. Fleeing through the jungle, he stumbles into a mission station where he hears about Christ. He then travels to the United States to learn more about the Holy Spirit and becomes a missionary to the west when he challenges Americans with the need for African missions.

Torchlighters® Clubs for VBS or Youth Groups

The logo backward for iron-on. Click to download full size.

Have you thought of forming a Torchlighters® club for your young people or for VBS? Let each child take the name of a Torchlighter they especially admire, or of a Christian hero or heroine who behaved like a Torchlighter. To enable you to make Torchlighter tee-shirts for the participants we’ve uploaded our logo in two formats for tracing or for iron-on.

An Interview with Torchlighters’ Producer Robert Fernandez

Robert Fernandez

Robert Fernandez, producer of the Torchlighters series.

Recently, Robert Fernandez, producer of Torchlighters® sat down with Dawn Moore, Christian History Institute’s Director of Product Development, and answered some questions. Robert gave his insights into the purpose and intent of the series, and named the future subjects who are being considered. If you love Torchlighters®, this is an interview you won’t want to miss.

Short Version of the Robert Fernandez Interview (4-1/2 minutes)

Long Version of the Robert Fernandez Interview (13 minutes)

Perpetua’s Choice Audio Drama Download

Perpetua's Choice

Under features on the Perpetua DVD is an audio drama, telling the story of the brave young martyr from another perspective than the Torchlighter ®. We are making that drama available as an mp3 download. Check it out.

Perpetua Story Soundtrack

Perpetua from a 4th century mosaic

Listen to The Perpetua Story on the speakers in your car, or on your headphones wherever you wear them: exercising, shopping, waiting in line… Now the complete soundtrack (37 minutes) is available for download in mp3 format.

Introducing the latest Torchlighters DVD: William Booth and the Salvation Army

Booth cover

Latest Torchlighter, the WIlliam Booth Story

In a few short weeks Salvation Army workers will take up their posts ringing out a friendly reminder to give to the less fortunate. While many of us happily contribute through those familiar red buckets, few are aware of the inspirational story behind the founding of this effective worldwide ministry.

Introduce children to the action-packed story behind The Salvation Army with the latest episode of The Torchlighters Heroes of the Faith DVD line: The Story of William Booth. In 1865 the talented young preacher William Booth stumbles upon London’s worst neighborhood, The East End. Here children sell matches for pennies, mothers beg for food, and men drown their troubles in the pubs. That evening William and his wife, Catherine, dedicate their lives to reaching these hurting souls, who’ve been forgotten by all. The story unfolds with plenty of action as the pub owners and businessmen of the East End do all they can to stop William and his band of rag-tag followers.

Share the newly released animated DVD The Torchlighters: The Story of William Booth with the children in your life. Each DVD includes a Spanish language track, reproducible leader and student guides, and a professional documentary. Order your copy today!

Torchlighters make great Christmas gifts! Get the full set of 9 at the online special price of $89.99.

William Booth Guides Available

William Booth leader guide.

What will the William Booth DVD be like?

Get an idea now. The leader and student study guides are posted for download at Study Guides.

If you have not already done so, register for Torchlighters today so you can download study guides and receive email announcing the release of the Booth DVD.


Amy Carmichael Story Wins Trophies

Cover of the award-winning Amy Carmichael Story

We are pleased to announce that the Amy Carmichael Story is the latest Torchlighters DVD to win international trophies. At the 2011 International Christian Visual Media (ICVM) awards, Amy’s story took the Gold Crown for Best Children’s Film, Bronze for Best Youth Film, Silver for Best Series, Silver for Best Documentary Under $50,000, and Gold for Best Evangelistic Film.

The Amy Carmichael Story is the eighth in the popular Torchlighters, Heroes of the Faith series. Soon to be released is the William Booth Story. Most of the Torchlighters titles have won awards, including The Jim Elliot Story, the William Tyndale Story, the Eric Liddell Story, The Gladys Aylward Story, and The Perpetua Story.

Another Christian History Institute production, History of Christian Worship, Part 2: The Body won the Bronze for Best Documentary Under $50,000.

ICVM is a group of Christian writers, directors, producers and distributors from over twenty nations who first came together in the 1970s to promote the gospel through excellent visual media. Under its present name and makeup, it has been in existence since 1993.

Carmichael Wins Crown

Carmichael jacket.

Torchlighters was honored at the International Christian Visual Media 2011 conference held in Atlanta on July 6-9 where its Amy Carmichael Story won the Gold award for the Best Children’s Film! Check out this article at the Examiner for more information.

Perpetua Wins WorldFest Award

Robert Fernandez accepts Perpetua award at 2011 WorldFest. Photo by Krishna Giri of WorldFest

Our recent documentary Perpetua: Early Christian Martyr (part of which accompanied the 2009 Torchlighters: The Perpetua Story), won a Remi Silver award at the 2011 Houston WorldFest. Perpetua was a young mother martyred in Carthage around AD 202. Producer Robert Fernandez (shown at left), accepted the award.

Three other Christian History Institute productions also won awards. These were History of Christian Worship, Part 1: the Word which won a Gold Remi; Wesley: a Heart Transformed Can Change the World which won a Platinum Remi; and KJV: The Making of the King James Bible which won a Special Jury Award.

WorldFest Houston is a 50-year-old film and video festival for independent filmmakers. Since 1968 it has been international. It issues awards in twelve categories, and is attended by over 500 international filmmakers with entries from about 40 countries. In addition to feature and short films, it gives awards for TV Productions, Documentaries, Corporate & Business Films, Student & Experimental, TV Commercials, Film & Video Productions, Music Videos, New Media (Interactive & Web Sites) and unproduced Screenplays.

Our People – How the Salvation Army began

Our People DVD cover

Our People DVD

While walking the poverty-stricken streets of London’s East End late one night in 1865, William Booth saw desperate people who had been neglected by society. He and his wife Catherine decided that night “These will be our people.” Their commitment, bravery and dependence on the Lord eventually led to the founding of the Salvation Army, an organization that continues to impact hurting people worldwide!

Their fascinating story is now available in a top notch documentary, titled Our People. You can get this DVD through Vision Video.

William and Catherine’s story will also be told through an upcoming episode of the Torchlighters! Stay tuned for more information in the next few months.

Fun Memory Games

New memory game for Torchlighters.

Remember the fun game Concentration? We’ve just added a similar memory game for each of our Torchlighter heroes.

You can reach these games through the Kid Zone or through the resources on each episode’s page.

The cards are images from the Torchlighter DVDs. See how fast you can match all the tiles. Give it a shot today!

Amy Carmichael Leader and Student Guides are Posted

Amy Carmichael leader guide.

Planning to teach a series on Amy Carmichael, the latest Torchlighter?  The study guides for this newest episode are ready and posted on   You can download them for free and begin planning today!  You’ll find the same quality features you’ve come to expect in all Torchlighters study guides:  Four distinct lesson plans, teaching activities, crafts, games, discussion questions, worksheets, and top-quality historical information on Amy’s life and ministry.  As always, this material is free and reproducible for your convenience.   If you are planning a showing or event, make use of our convenient downloadable posters for easy publicity.

We are now taking orders for the DVD, which will begin shipping on October 11!

Amy Carmichael, the Latest Torchlighter

Amy Carmichael DVD

As Amy begins missionary work in India in the early 1900’s, she is shocked to learn of the plight of young girls who are being held against their will in harsh temples to serve the gods of the land. Young Preena is such a girl who desperately longs for freedom. Follow the action as little Preena attempts a daring escape in order to find the gentle woman who follows a God like no other — the woman known as Amy Carmichael!

Amy’s groundbreaking work among the forgotten children of India has been an inspiration to countless believers for more than a century. Now you can bring the action-packed story of this remarkable woman of faith to the children in your life through our latest episode of The Torchlighters Heroes of the Faith: The Amy Carmichael Story.

For more information and for fun activities, check out our Amy Carmichael page.

New Kids Zone

Check out the new Torchlighters’ Kids Zone filled with fun activities kids won’t want to miss! Explore the interactive jigsaw puzzles, paintbox pictures, and fun quizzes, all featuring your favorite Torchlighter Heroes! Be sure to visit often to see new features and updates.

Come take a look at the new fun page at Torchlighters.

Torchlighters Milestone Prompts New Website

screenshot of torchlighters

Snapshot of the new Torchlighter web site.

Thanks to our loyal audience, Torchlighters is celebrating over 100,000 Torchlighters DVDs in homes, churches, and schools throughout the United States, with untold thousands in other parts of the world! We rejoice that many thousands of children have found faith heroes they can depend on!

As you can see, in celebration of this important milestone, CHI has re-designed this website. Browse through our inviting new site for many free resources for kids, parents, and teachers, along with the latest news on Torchlighters! We will continue to enhance the site with exciting new features in months to come.

Looking ahead, CHI is planning a Fall release of The Amy Carmichael Story. Amy’s miraculous work to free the temple girls of India will be featured. Also under production is the story of William Booth and the beginnings of the Salvation Army.

Visit often for current information on future releases.

Update on Amy Carmichael Torchlighters Documentary

Amy's Nurse

Amy's nurse prepares to speak on camera

The film crew for the Amy Carmichael documentary recently finished filiming in Ireland and England! We were thrilled to visit many locations from Amy’s life story and to interview the nurse who cared for Amy near the end of her life. Here we see a shot of the interview with Amy’s nurse, Nancy Robbins. Nancy’s firsthand account brings a wonderful dimension to this documentary. The footage from Ireland and England will combine with other material direct from India to create an informative and moving presentation that we trust will be worthy of Amy Carmichael’s inspiring work.

Amy Carmichael Animation is Complete

Preena attempts an Escape.
Torchlighters is pleased to announce that the animation for Amy Carmichael is now completed and undergoing some fine-tuning. The colorful Indian scenes and moving story of Preena and her life-changing encounter with Amy is sure to become a Torchlighter favorite. The episode features both UK and Indian voice over actors.

Work also continues on other aspects of the production, including the Leader and Student Guides and the Original Documentary. We are working towards a Fall release of this much-anticipated Torchlighter!

Torchlighters are on the Air!!

Torchlighters and our original documentaries are shown on over 15 television stations around the world, in 11 different languages! We are thrilled that so many people are getting exposed to these heroes of the faith in their own languages and over the airways. Our prayer is that many will be encouraged to walk more closely with the Lord! Check with your local Christian station to see if they are among those who are now airing the Torchlighters!

Torchlighters Amy Carmichael Production

We are pleased to report that the animation of The Amy Carmichael Story is progressing beautifully with animation coloring 95% competed. This episode features Indian voice over actors which adds to the authenticity of the program. Amy’s established orphanage, Dohnavur, has also been very supportive of the program and have acted as script consultants.
Filming of the documentary will begin in Ireland in April. Dohnavur has graciously provided us with a goldmine of photographs from the early days of Amy’s ministry, that are sure to enhance the documentary.
Meanwhile, we are working on the DVD cover and the study guide! Check back often for updates on this exciting episode of The Torchlighters.

Amy Carmichael Documentary

Amy Carmichael shows her love for children.

In conjunction with the production of the Torchlighters animated features, we create original documentaries which help us to cover the rest of the story that wouldn’t fit into a thirty minute program. These separate productions help you gain a better understanding of the hero’s life and times. The Amy Carmichael story will be no exception.

The Amy Carmichael documentary is currently in the research stage. The orphanage she founded in Dohnavur, India has been a great source of information. Plans are under way to interview a nurse who cared for Amy during her last days.

The documentary will give you an inside look at Amy’s story! Here we see a photo of Amy with some of the children she ministered to.

Torchlighters Get Additional Languages

The Bunyan Story offers additional languages.

The true stories depicted in the Torchlighters DVD series take children on real life adventures of faith all around the world and across the spectrum of Christian history. But did you know that these stories also reach children all around the world in their own languages? Thanks to the efforts of missions organizations and Christian video distributors the world over, children in places like India, Portugal, Korea and the Middle East are learning lessons of faith in their own tongues.

Every Torchlighter episode comes with a Spanish and English track, for convenient use in many countries. In addition, three of our DVDs now contain additional languages as follows:

The Jim Elliot Story — English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Hindi, Gujarati.

The William Tyndale Story — English, Spanish, Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Hindi, Gujarati.

The John Bunyan Story— English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindi, Gujarati.

It is our prayer that children around the world will continue to be blessed by the true stories of these worthwhile heroes of the faith! Order your copy today from Vision Video.

Share the faith heroes you admire with the kids you love
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