Amy Carmichael Story Wins Trophies

Cover of the award-winning Amy Carmichael Story

We are pleased to announce that the Amy Carmichael Story is the latest Torchlighters DVD to win international trophies. At the 2011 International Christian Visual Media (ICVM) awards, Amy’s story took the Gold Crown for Best Children’s Film, Bronze for Best Youth Film, Silver for Best Series, Silver for Best Documentary Under $50,000, and Gold for Best Evangelistic Film.

The Amy Carmichael Story is the eighth in the popular Torchlighters, Heroes of the Faith series. Soon to be released is the William Booth Story. Most of the Torchlighters titles have won awards, including The Jim Elliot Story, the William Tyndale Story, the Eric Liddell Story, The Gladys Aylward Story, and The Perpetua Story.

Another Christian History Institute production, History of Christian Worship, Part 2: The Body won the Bronze for Best Documentary Under $50,000.

ICVM is a group of Christian writers, directors, producers and distributors from over twenty nations who first came together in the 1970s to promote the gospel through excellent visual media. Under its present name and makeup, it has been in existence since 1993.

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