Introducing the latest Torchlighters DVD: William Booth and the Salvation Army

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Latest Torchlighter, the WIlliam Booth Story

In a few short weeks Salvation Army workers will take up their posts ringing out a friendly reminder to give to the less fortunate. While many of us happily contribute through those familiar red buckets, few are aware of the inspirational story behind the founding of this effective worldwide ministry.

Introduce children to the action-packed story behind The Salvation Army with the latest episode of The Torchlighters Heroes of the Faith DVD line: The Story of William Booth. In 1865 the talented young preacher William Booth stumbles upon London’s worst neighborhood, The East End. Here children sell matches for pennies, mothers beg for food, and men drown their troubles in the pubs. That evening William and his wife, Catherine, dedicate their lives to reaching these hurting souls, who’ve been forgotten by all. The story unfolds with plenty of action as the pub owners and businessmen of the East End do all they can to stop William and his band of rag-tag followers.

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