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Corrie ten Boom and her family are watchmakers in Haarlem, Holland, where they give what little they have to spread God’s love and help others. But everything changes when World War II erupts and Hitler’s army takes over their country. As the Nazis round up Corrie’s Jewish neighbors and send them to deadly concentration camps, she knows that something must be done to stop them. But what can one small family do in the face of such great evil?

Read the amazing true story of Corrie ten Boom, a Torchlighter® hero of the faith, and discover how her obedience to God saved lives and continues to inspire others today.

Praise for The Torchlighters Biography Series: Corrie ten Boom

“What a joyful recommendation I have for parents! There could be no more beautiful biography on the life of Corrie ten Boom for children than this one. It is very well and accurately written with a wonderful array of pictures to keep the book appealing and interesting. This is a true biography, not historical fiction, and will fill a void for an age group that has few well-written biographies about people of faith.
And it delights me more than anything else that this biography ends with the message which Corrie ten Boom spent decades seeking to highlight above all else: Forgiveness of our enemies through the power of the Holy Spirit. A vital message for our children.”
Pam Rosewell Moore, former personal assistant to Corrie ten Boom, author, and speaker

“As a child, I learned forgiveness from Corrie Ten Boom’s story. Years later I would need to practice that very thing when we were held hostage in the jungle. I am grateful for her example and life!!”
Gracia Burnham, New Tribes Mission, author

“Kids will love this riveting story! Congrats to Christian History Institute for a tale well told.”
Meg Moss, contributing editor of Ask, “Arts and Sciences for Kids,” magazine

“Intermediate grade students want facts. They also want heroes. This book delivers on both, and it does so in the most readable and engaging way. I so look forward to sharing this high-quality Christian biography with my students.”
Sharon Reynolds, M.Ed.,Certified Reading Specialist (K–12)

“Corrie ten Boom tells a powerful story of a family’s love, sacrifice, and obedience to God. Torchlighters resources are a wonderful way to introduce children to testimonies of God’s faithfulness in times of persecution and to the perseverance and courage of bold Christians who serve Him in difficult times and places.”
Jim Dau, President and CEO, The Voice of the Martyrs; father of three, grandfather of ten

Am I ever impressed with this new book on Corrie ten Boom! It reads so well. I can totally see my 9 year-old getting into this story. Well done!
Rebecca Price Janney, author and speaker

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