Amy Carmichael, the Latest Torchlighter

Amy Carmichael DVD

As Amy begins missionary work in India in the early 1900’s, she is shocked to learn of the plight of young girls who are being held against their will in harsh temples to serve the gods of the land. Young Preena is such a girl who desperately longs for freedom. Follow the action as little Preena attempts a daring escape in order to find the gentle woman who follows a God like no other — the woman known as Amy Carmichael!

Amy’s groundbreaking work among the forgotten children of India has been an inspiration to countless believers for more than a century. Now you can bring the action-packed story of this remarkable woman of faith to the children in your life through our latest episode of The Torchlighters Heroes of the Faith: The Amy Carmichael Story.

For more information and for fun activities, check out our Amy Carmichael page.

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