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Best Torchlighter!

Review by Ron Teal
Finally got around to watching "The Samuel Morris Story". It was arguably the best Torchlighter. It really spoke to me and my family. It has the best looking animation too. Very inspiring, thank the Lord! Can’t wait for Augustine to come out. Keep up the great work.

Striking and Inspirational

Review by Wisconsin Bookwatch: October 2012
Part of The Torchlighters: Heroes of the Faith children's DVD series, The Samuel Morris Story is an animated cartoon chronicling the true story of an African prince destined to become a Christian missionary. When young Prince Kaboo was captured, the tribe who seized him demanded ever-increasing ransom; eventually the prince's tribe could no longer pay, dooming him to death by torture. But then a miracle happened — the ropes binding Kaboo fell away, strength flooded his body, and a voice form the heavens urged him to run for his life! His steps would guide him down God's path, in this striking and inspirational adventure highly recommended especially for Christian children ages 8-12 and for Sunday School DVD libraries.

Samuel Morris Anointed!

Review by ReAnn Ring
This has been a tremendous work in animation of the story of Samuel Morris with facts true to form so carefully portrayed of a beautiful soul completely sold out for Christ. The additional studies for follow up are a superb and ideal for a family study. Thank you for this work and effort in perfection to bring a powerful story to a level that a younger person could understand. Was richly blessed to watch.

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