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Dallas Children Share Their Thoughts

I thought [Eric's decision] was a great decision because other people just want to become rich and famous, but he made the right choice. —Amy

What I liked about the story is that it's teaching me about God and teaches me about how to love God. What I like about it a lot is that Eric Liddell, he followed what God said and he said that first it's God then it's the rest. That's what I liked the most. —Bridget

I learned from the movie that when somebody helps you, when you think they are weird, you're not supposed to, like, say stuff about them. Because maybe they're weird, but they're trying to help you in a way that you don't understand and that's why you're supposed to be respectful to them and not criticize them. —Esther (9 years old)

It taught me how to never give up, and help other people. —Jose (8 years old)

What I learned about was Eric Liddell was that he helped people instead of being a champion of the Olympic game. So when I grow up, I want to be just like him instead of being a soccer player. I can help people and do my best, help people to get better. I might be a doctor! I enjoyed it and wish he was still alive so he could show me how to be like him. —Manuel (11 years old)

I learned about how to have conviction, and how to obey God, and pray and save the world with God's help. —Omar (8 years old)

What was interesting was, you always have to think first about other people and you always need to think about God because he's always with you. That's all. —Ruel (8 years old)

The Eric Liddell Story.

Reviewed by Tim Challies (Oakville, Ontario Note: Christian History Institute and Torchlighters has no connection with Tim Challies. We found his reviews at and at his personal web site and asked him if we might use them.

The Torchlighters video series is a series of animated DVD’s dedicated to “Highlighting the honor, integrity and life-changing experiences of those well-known and little-known Christian men, women and children who in response to God’s call, dedicated their lives to a life of whole-hearted commitment and passionate service to Jesus.” The series is targeted primarily at children between the ages of eight and twelve. It is a production of Christian History Institute along with International Films and Voice of the Martyrs. Previous entries in this series include brief biographical films of Jim Elliot, John Bunyan and William Tyndale. The fourth installment is The Eric Liddell Story.

I have watched all of these films with the family and we’ve enjoyed them. Like the others in the series, The Eric Liddell Story has moments that frightened the children—primarily when the Japanese Air Force was bombing China and the life of the story’s hero was in danger. But the film is definitely family fare. The quality of the animation has not really increased and it is a long way from the kind of animation you might see in the big-budget films on the silver screen. Still, my children didn’t seem to notice and they enjoyed learning more about Liddell. The film took them from his childhood in China, to his rise as one of the world’s fastest men, to his Olympic triumph and to his missionary service in China. It closes with his internment in a Japanese camp and stops short of his death there of a brain tumor. The story was narrated by a Chinese character representing one of the men who was saved through the ministry of Liddell.

Like all of the Torchlighters titles, this one is a 30-minute feature and also includes a previously-recorded documentary on the subject’s life. Like the others, it is a worthy addition to a family or church DVD collection. Future installments in the series promise to deal with the lives of Gladys Aylward and Richard Wurmbrand. And I look forward to watching those ones as well.

Liddell's Incredible Experience

Review by CBA Retailers, Oct 2007
From Olympic champion to missionary, the rest of the story beyond Chariots of Fire is told. Kids ages 8-12 will learn of Liddell's incredible experience in China during the Japanese invasion of WWII. Special features include leader's guide with four lesson plans, background information, reproducibles and more.

Your Children Will Be Inspired

Home School Enrichment, Nov/Dec 2007
I am so thankful to the folks at the Christian History Institute for their quality animated DVDs that promote knowing the heroes of our Christian faith. Our children need good role models. They need to know their Christian "ancestors." They need quality movies to watch. Our children will receive all three of these things by watching these DVDs. Actually, I (aged forty-something!) watched these movies with my 85 your old mother and we were both moved by these stories. Scripture is quoted in each of them and important Biblical concepts are enhanced. When you see what God can do through a Torchlighter, who is completely devoted to the Lord, your children (and you) will be inspired to serve Him more fully. Not only are the movies great, but the Web site,, has teacher's guides, student handouts, maps, games, crafts, activities, discussion questions, and more that can be downloaded and used with the DVDs if you wish to make this more than just good movie watching. If you're looking for quality resources that will teach your children to be committed to God and His truth, you’ll definitely want to check out The Torchlighters DVD series! Reviewed by: Betsy Lawrence

Uplifting to Watch

Review by Eclectic Homeschool Online Reviews 9/15/08
With all the garbage out there passing for entertainment, it's always a treat to find something interesting, entertaining, and uplifting to watch. This cartoon video tells the story of Eric Liddell's life, beginning with his birth to missionary parents in China. His time in boarding school receives a brief mention before moving on to his running career and the Olympics. The story continues with his marriage and family life, his work as a missionary, and his death in a Japanese P.O.W. camp in mainland China. A man commonly remembered for something he didn't do, compete on Sunday, Eric Liddell's short life has many other lessons to teach. The providence of God is strongly portrayed in this uplifting story. The way Liddell continually sought God's will for his life is an example to every Christian. The story's Chinese narrator is a representative of the people that Liddell cared so deeply about and with whom he shared the gospel. The cartoon is well done, and the story is exceptional. The DVD includes a fifty-minute documentary about Eric Liddell, containing interviews with his oldest daughter, a well-known Liddell biographer, and a number of survivors from the Japanese internment camp where he passed away. A twenty-two page Sunday school leader's guide and sixteen pages of student hand-outs complete the package.

Heroes of the Faith

Review by Jerry and Pat James
We have used some of your resources, such as the fun "torch race" with the story of Eric Liddell and during the Olympics. We have also developed some activities of our own to meet the interests of our group.

What a Blessing to Know

Review by Penny from the Philippines
Hi! I just wanted to express my appreciation for the wonderful work that you are doing. I watched the Eric Liddell Story last night and was just so blessed. I was 9 years old when I saw Chariots of Fire in 1991 and that film fueled my quest for the Lord. What a blessing to know that his story is now available to inspire the next generation of Christians!

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