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Cheers Our Hearts

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for producing these DVDs!! Our 3 children (aged 6, 4 and 2) watch them constantly and it cheers our hearts to hear them play Amy Carmichael rescuing Preena instead of Cinderella and Snow White! (in fact our 2 year old son goes around the house yelling, “let me go, let me go!” which he learned from that movie!).

We wanted something in our home that would enrich our children’s lives and give them missionary hearts, and these movies do that perfectly. We have recommended them to all the families we know who have children. We are already looking forward to John Wesley!

May God Bless you

The Amy Carmichael Story

Review by Jonathan Clarke, Pastor of the Welcome Church - Belfast, North Ireland, founded by Amy Carmichael

I got the amy carmichael dvd this morning through the post and have just finished watching it this afternoon. can I congratulate you in your work? it was fantastic! really pleased with it and for you, and your team of workers who did such a great job!

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Amy and Preena’s Story is Very Powerful

Review by Visual Parables - May/June 2011
The Torchlighters animated series highlights Christians who have been faithful to Christ in the midst of opposition and hardships. It is targeted at an audience of 8-12 year olds.

Amy Carmichael was an Irish missionary who served in Indian in the early 1900s. Amy was criticized for shedding her western clothing for an Indian sari. However, as the episode pointed out, this enabled her to blend in with the native people when she rescued children from the Hindu temples. Preena was a young gift whose father died when she was still a young girl. Her mother is then faced with a tough decision. Without a husband to provide an income for the family, Preena&srquo;s mother decides to give her daughter to the temple to be raise there where she would serve in the temple in various capacities. The woman teacher at the temple is not at all nice to the girls who are under her care. Essentially the girls are treated as prisoners.

Preena makes various escape attempts. During one such attempt, the girls meets Amy. She is so struck by Amy's tenderness. Realizing that Amy is a Christian, Preena prays to God for release from her circumstance. Eventually she is able to escape again and makes her way to Amy's home. Amy takes her in, and when she learns about the treatment the girls endure at the temple, she feels called to rescue the other children from the temple.

The presentation of Amy and Preena&srquo;s story is very powerful. The various abuses the girls endure at the temple are glossed over by the documentary in the extra features in the DVD notes that for some of the temples the children are used as prostitutes. For this reason, the documentary is aimed at a more mature audience that the episode.

The story has a run time of about 30 minutes. The DVD features English and Spanish spoken languages as well as subtitles in both languages. Lesson plans and leaders guides are on the DVD. A 30 minute documentary which is an abridged version of "Amy Carmichael: Mother to the Motherless" is included in the bonus features. This extra targeted at an older audience of 12-18 year olds.

Held Against Her Will

Review by Official Magazine of CBA - April 2011
This story tells of little Preena, snatched away from the most gentle woman she has seen in months, wondering how she'll ever again find a way out of the temple where she's held against her will. How will she find the missionary known as Amy Carmichael, the one who wears a cross and serves a different sort of God?

Amazing Video

Review by Karrie
My 6 year old daughter has signed this video out from the church library every possible week for over a year. We decided it was time to purchase it for our own library. Amy Carmichael's life was so amazing and Torchlighters has done a wonderful job telling her life story to children. The documentary portion is just as interesting as the cartoon version. We cannot watch one without watching the other.

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