Meet All the Torchlighters

She was the Moses of her people. More about Tubman.
Americas first foreign missionaries face intense persecution in Burma More about Judson.
The fiery monk whose 95 Theses sparked the Reformation More about Luther.
The Bible smuggler who brought light into the dark kingdom of Korea More about Thomas.
He showed us faith that works More about Wesley.
An amazing story of courage, sacrifice, and forgiveness. More about tenBoom.
He rejected fame and fortune to become a voice for truth. More about Augustine.
The African youth who inspired a generation. More about Morris.
The founder of The Salvation Army More about Booth.
She rescued the children one by one. More about Carmichael.
Wild beasts could not shake her faith. More about Perpetua.
The pastor who became God's prisoner. More about Wurmbrand.
The missionary who helped over 100 orphans escape through war-torn China. More about Aylward.
From Olympic champion to missionary, here is the rest of the story beyond "Chariots of Fire." More about Liddell.
They imprisoned his body but not his faith. More about Bunyan.
They pulled out all the stops to chase down William Tyndale. More about Tyndale.
His ultimate sacrifice lit a torch that could not be extinguished. More about Elliot.